Managed Services Programming (MSP)

In these trying times do you have the expertise and resources to effectively manage your contingent workforce?Can you save costs without compromising on high-quality talent?Building talent agility is more critical than ever before. Hire flexible talent, when you need it, to support your evolving growth with Managed Services Programs (MSP) that can offer scalability and cost-efficiency.

What is MSP?

MSP is a highly effective way for companies to manage their contingent workforces. It can improve your decision-making around hiring a contingent workforce. We connect you with the best talent suppliers who are the right fit for your organization and manage the vendor relationships so you can focus on building your business. 

MSP can be a part of your company’s hiring, HR, and other human capital functions. MSP can support the management of the complete talent life cycle, including requisitions, hiring, and invoicing. We will also ensure that you are always aware of the status of every contingent worker you’re engaged with. 

It can also help you stay compliant with all labor regulations and governance requirements.

Why choose MSP?
What is in it for me?

You may not always be aware of the status of your contingent workforce. You will be surprised, but this happens more often than not. Hiring managers may find and engage resources on their own, leaving HR unaware of who is coming and going. This can be risky.
Here is what MSP can do for you:
  • Provide market & technology expertise
  • Implement process efficiencies by reducing process complexity
  • Build program scalability
  • Adhere to compliance practices
  • Spend visibility and cost savings
  • Enhance access to talent

How does MSP work?

MSP is a part of an organization’s contingent workforce. It includes most (if not all) flexible work arrangements — from temporary staffing, independent contractors, freelance and gig workers, and payrolled talent.

 MSP is managed by a PMO overseen by the service provider. The PMO works with the client’s contingent workforce team.

The MSP takes care of the day-to-day management, including, requisition processing, supply chain management, transactional reporting, analytics and market insights, and more.

How much will MSP cost?

Costing of MSP is done in two ways:


In a supplier-funded model, a part of the payment charged by a provider is withheld to take care of program costs. Subsequently, there are no immediate expenses to the customer. On the flip side, in markets where mark-up is low, some suppliers hold back their best talent for other clients or prefer this model.


In a client-funded program, the customer pays a charge to their MSP associate. Depending on the agreement, it can be a fixed or variable charge. Though it may appear more expensive at first glance, a client-funded model may be more beneficial to you because it ensures suppliers deliver a higher quality of talent in a shorter time.

How do I get started?

Learn how MSP advances contingent workforce management by talking to our experts.