A fully stacked team located away from HQ

Out of Sight. But Never Out Of Mind.
Our in-depth knowledge and unique approaches help us understand the ins and outs of your business, enabling us to craft a tailor-made and effective recruitment process for your firm that is inclusive of its vision, mission & culture.

Our process begins when our 30-member strong team derives pivotal insights from the overall vision of your company and the work culture adopted by your employees back in your home country.
Bringing Your Workspace To Life.
An ideal office space equips you with infinite opportunities to develop & manage innumerable collaborations. Imagine having a private workspace amidst a beautiful co-working atmosphere that hosts a blend of different work cultures. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Your takeaway would be an excellent package of an ergonomic workstation, comfortable nooks and crannies to foster your creativity, a 500Mbps fiber connection, a gymnasium and a rooftop pool that will further your productivity. Also, in case you have more than 50 members in your team, we can set up a dedicated office space that will ensure the adequate amount of space and privacy required for your employees.
Always professional.
When it comes to work, there shouldn’t be room for any sort of miscommunications or mishaps. Our agenda is to create a professional climate where you can work efficiently and comfortably with your offshore team, just like how you would work with your in-house team. Your company can take control of all the proceedings, right from the charting out of working hours to the optimization of the overall work culture. In addition to that, a robust team from our end will be handling the administrative part of your job, thus, helping you concentrate on the actual work at hand!
Save money and time.



Wolves Talent

~1.5-3x less



Wolves Talent 

~10x less

Wolves Talent Solutions saves you money by finding the right developer, at less than half the cost of hiring a developer in the US. Wolves is able to find the right developer by leveraging its technical expertise from working on several web and mobile projects to understand our client's needs and vet prospective developers' ability to meet those needs.

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