Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In this uncertain economy, have your hiring needs increased like never before? Or are you looking to improve your hiring processes? Do you want to build agility into your acquisition strategy? Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the solution for you! It helps you grow as your business grows by allowing for flexibility and scalability.

Learn how RPO can help your business


What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an end-to-end solution to hire an external workforce for your company. We help you find the right talent quickly and easily using market intelligence, predictive talent analytics, and our awesome recruitment processes. It is easily scalable and saves costs. 

We can even customize it to your specific requirements based on what you need and your company’s growth. We help you hire when you need, scale down when you don’t with a high degree of agility.

Why choose RPO?
What is in it for me?

Here is what RPO can do for you:
  • Help you better plan your hiring requirements
  • Build agility by giving you the option to scale up or down based on your needs
  • Find, select and hire the right talent faster - using market insights, analytics, innovative sourcing strategies, and a human touch
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Provide access to unconventional talent pools with niche and in-demand skills
  • Get support with sourcing, talent marketing, candidate management, and onboarding expertise instantly
  • Mitigate risks with compliant hiring practices
  • Engage a more diverse and inclusive workforce

What are the different RPO models?

There are many things to think about before deciding what type of recruitment process
outsourcing solution is best for your organization.

End-to-End RPO

The complete solution for permanent recruitment with all-encompassing benefits of the biggest savings, best efficiency, awesome hiring outcomes, and highest satisfaction & compliance.

We provide on-site and off-site resources who can be in constant touch with your hiring managers to process your requisitions, find and screen candidates, schedule interviews, prepare and present offers, and engage in onboarding processes. 

This solution adds value with employer branding, implementation of advanced recruitment technologies, and contingent workforce management.

Project RPO

The best solution for companies that need candidates for specific projects or for defined periods of time, like a new product launch or a new branch opening, as it lets you still maintain internal recruitment processes for your day-to-day hiring.

Selective RPO

The right solution for companies that need outsourcing for specific parts of the internal recruitment process - like sourcing, screening, or candidate management. With selective RPO you can address and strengthen only the services you need.

Recruiter on Demand (ROD

Agile solution for companies that need to handle quick hiring spikes, new business initiatives, product launches, or parts of the hiring process with no process changes or technology implementation. This model does not result in permanent process transformation.

Contingent Recruiter on Demand (ROD)

Quick solution for critical staffing needs to find, screen, and hire contingent talent for both volume hiring as well as specific hard-to-fill positions by engaging with our team of highly trained professionals. 

Every model is different and gives you unique advantages to build agility and flexibility. You can pick what is right for you today and evolve the solutions as you grow with your company.
Every model is different and gives you unique advantages to build agility and flexibility.
You can pick what is right for you today and evolve the solutions as you grow with your company.

How do I choose the right
RPO for me?

Choosing the right RPO model depends on your company’s immediate hiring needs, challenges, and growth plans. Here are some questions that can help you think through:
  • Do we need resources temporarily or on a permanent basis?
  • Do we want to change the current recruitment processes?
  • Are we consistently spending too much on ineffective internal recruitment strategies?
  • Do we want to hire based on the most updated hiring methods and practices?
  • Do we have urgent talent needs due to internal existing problems or a new growth curve?
  • Do we know how to use the best recruitment marketing tools, candidate engagement solutions, and talent analytics before hiring?

How much will RPO cost?

Recruitment process outsourcing rates depend on either your monthly requirements and/or on project-based needs. In an end-to-end solution, you would give us a minimum volume of hires to help us provide you with a baseline cost. For each placement, there is an incremental charge added. 
A project RPO might be similarly priced but the scope and volume are well defined so that we can give you a specific estimate based on your needs.

How do I get started?

Start by figuring out what your challenges are in attracting and hiring high-quality talent quickly and easily. Once, you have the answers to this, you can work with our experts to help you choose the right model for your organization.