We make outsourcing easy.

  We build the future of recruitment. There can’t be anything wrong or right with matchmaking. It is all about finding just the perfect one. 

Tailored technical vetting.

Team of experienced senior developers with experience in frontend development, backend, design, UI/UX, and general software engineering.

We find talent.
We utilize our infrastructure and network in multiple countries to find candidates that fit your position. We English test all candidates before they can move forward with us.
We test your candidates.
Our team of senior developers work with you to create tests tailored for your positions. Then we interview the candidates for you.
You select.
After interviewing dozens of potential candidates, we present to you the cream of the crop and let you decide in a final set of interviews.
Average increase in productivity
* At least that's what they tell us!
technology experts hired
Average hours you will save per week
* When you use Wolves

Few names from the bank of 40+ clients served in the last 6 years