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At WOLVES Academy, we are opening doors for candidates who are interested in becoming recruitment consultants for life. If you are interested in working with people, recruitment & staffing, or eager to expand your knowledge or change your career path, this is the place for you!


Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference?


Want to give someone a better life & transform their career?


And change your own career path in the process?

We will teach you everything we know about recruitment, staffing, head-hunting & account management.

WOLVES Academy awaits you.
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    You love this idea and register with us!
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    We will select a few candidates based on a preliminary assignment that you will need to complete and submit to us.
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    And you’re in! You will come to our office for a 6-week training program (conducted over weekends) with a range of classroom modules & experiential learning.
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    If you love us and we love you, we hire you! Else, you will have access to a job fair where our clients could hire you as a recruiter.
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    We celebrate!

Join now for the 6 weeks in-house training program at the WOLVES Academy.

Become a Human Consultant.

13 modules.
50 hours classroom training.
20 hours practical experience.
Ongoing support and guidance.

Hear from some of the WOLVES Alumni:

I really enjoyed the WOLVES Academy training.It was so different from the theoretical approach to learning. The process was immersive and experiential. A special mention to the high-quality industry veteran trainers and facilitators who interspersed the content with their own examples, anecdotes, and experiences - it made it real and relatable.
Rohan G
Recruitment Consultant
I wanted to make a career switch and didn’t know how I could go about it. I was always good with people skills and when I saw the WOLVES Academy poster inviting people wanting to become career makers -I knew this was the right fit for me! The 6-week classroom sessions only reinforced my conviction. Today, I can claim to be a successful people recruiter - when I started with almost zero knowledge. Thank you, WOLVES. I would highly recommend this program for anyone considering it - just take the plunge!
Aishwarya B
Sr. Technical Recruitment Consultant
The training at WOLVES Academy was impressive.I was completely taken aback when I knew that all I needed to spend was my time! The course prepared us well for the role of a highly-skilled recruiter. I remember the first candidate I recruited - I was initially nervous but the templates and formats provided eased me into a breezy conversation. I don’t think the candidate could tell that I was a rookie!
Yugendra K N
Lead - Staffing Consultant

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